ninja turtles!

(jared) #1

heres my new video/ contest entry :]

hope you like it!

(Raphael) #2

I hope you know steroids arent good for you
and I hope you called it ninja turtles cause my names Raphael :stuck_out_tongue:

(jared) #3

hahahaha lol




every time i see a video with a song ive seen in another video it reminds me of the other video.

this video has the same song:

Very good video



Yo Jared, I’m definitely getting the camera at some point next week so we can go up to longwood the weekend of may 15th i think.

(jared) #7

okay great im doing two performances this week. at my schools peperally (maybe) and during half time at a lacrosse fundraiser. this is my song for va states

(202andrew) #8

Jared this is incredible.

(jared) #9

thanks! lol, ur signature is awesome


i ned a tourtal


that was good!

(jared) #12

uh i dont really want to make one sorry

(202andrew) #13

Your welcome. And yeah i like my signature.


Jared is incredible!!!
he needs to teach me some of his awesome tricks
again very awesome vid