One Year Ago Video Thread.

Is Everyone having a good day? I sure I am. Im doin some yard work for the lady across the street and im taking a short break atm to post this thread.

Originally It was Just gunna be a “me one year ago thread” but as I click new topic I realized I have never seen a video thread where users have come together and posted videos of themselves a year before and talk about their progress they have been making.

a year ago I was really into suicides of all sorts, slacks and what not, I still am. I just regulate them differently now. now many of you know I was incarcerated from April 11th to September 15th. so I did not really have a year to progress. but I have progressed a lot since I got out. air stalls revolutions various cool things I figured out/ made up. ive been adding new elements such as regening into frontstyle playin around a bit in there, and then back to the breakaway position. I have learned all sorts of new binds. been working on horizontal a little bit. Im feeling pretty good about myself. im planning on competing in VA states this upcoming year, gunna rep my areacode 540 haha. I look forward to watching your videos and reading your pregress over the year guys. I woulda went into more depth but I gotta get back to work.

Peace, Love, and good vibes for all of you - YoRED


Wow… I’ve progressed so much it’s pretty crazy…

One year ago I was mainly working on slacks:

Now I’m just a lot better!

i thought this would be a good thread idea but i guess not, thanks for participating bro, nice to know im not the only one who puts kittys in his videos XD i completely agree you have gotten a lot better. I can only hope i get as good as you, im trying to compete this year at va states.

I have a question for you bro.

Can you please make a breakdown tut for me? In the second video after the credits and the tree on that throw when you get into that 1.5 mount, and flip it all around. I just need to see it slowed down a bit. Just do all that flippage stuff from when you throw it to 20 seconds in the video, (i think u threw at 14 seconds)  it looks hella sick and i can add that to my combo and play around with it a lot.

I would really appreciate it maynnee

Peace love and good vines for you bro.

Oh btw dont stop off stringin your pretty good at it.

Good vibes*

Hmm… Somehow I missed you saying that! I will try to make a slowed down video for you after my next video! ;D

thanks bro1 I would appreciate it! thanks for the good vibes man!

Yup! I will try to makes it tomorrow!

ooooooowwww!!! Good stuff man cant wait to learn it!! I hope i do good at va states next year!

lol me Two years ago.

I am actually more suprised at how different I look then and now.

hell yeah man! Good stuff! And yeah it looks like you got some swaggggerrr since then!

Yea, I need to release another video soon. It’s been 2 months since my last one.

me too ive been lazy, i dont really have anything new to show yall tho. Hahaa







And his


Me now!

Well, this was me at my best 1 year ago.

Here’s my progression as of 2 months ago.

gooood stufff homie!!!

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I have actually my video from 5 years ago…

Interesting to see, compared to my most recent 1A video:

you are the reason i started throwing bro, i saw a video of you on yourube and was like “yoooo!!!”

I actually watch marf at least once every day if not more. It’s one video I keep coming back to.

I remember when you made UFO sighting 5 years ago! Back when were still active. I just started playing and that video was a true inspiration. Good stuff man, good stuff.