Nikon D5100

I was wondering where i should get a nikon D5100, any suggestions?

Ebay or Craigslist :slight_smile:


Or Amazon.

I have a D5100, my first DSLR! I like it, it has a great sensor. I’m looking at the D600 next but it’s got a pretty hefty price tag.

Why not just go for the d800 lol.

I bought mine from “Amazon”, and after I bought it I kept shopping it out just to see whether I paid to much only to find that I might have spent $12.00 more than their competitor. I thought it was worth it since I got free shipping and an extra battery for only $15.00 additional. The price differences are not that much between reputable vendors.

I’ve also never had a problem returning things with Amazon either. That gave me a small piece of mind as well. Besides, I like just having it come to my door instead of driving to a store.

It’s generally smart buying from the “Deep Pocket”.

Yes, if Amazon sells it, it’s better to pay a couple $$ more for the convenience of dealing w/them.