Nightshadow’s Craftsmanship Appreciation Corner

Hey guys, how’s it going?

I just wanted to make a thread where I let the collector in me run wild. I know I probably single-handedly annoyed most of the collectors on the forum with my “Consistency is Key” thread, so I figured it was only right for me to make one where we can get together and appreciate the non-throwing aspects of yoyoing. Many of which I love!

For me, I love undercut yoyos. A quick preface, up until a little over a year ago, I only cared about competition yoyos. I thought any other yoyos were lesser, because they did not perform as well.

Yeah, pretty stupid, I know.

BUT, then I tried my first undercut yo-yo. It wasn’t very good for competition. By my old logic, it should have been a bad yoyo. Buy for some reason, I LOVED it. Like a lot. And that got me thinking, maybe competition performance isn’t everything. From then on, I worked on collecting undercut yoyos. And it’s been super fun!

Here is my undercut collection. It’s not big, but I love it. And yes, sometimes, I just like to display them and enjoy them without throwing them.

I love their aesthetics and craftsmanship.

So here they are!

First is a CLYW Cliff I traded for. I got it powder coated, and love the way it looks! So much fun.

Next is a Hearse. This is such a fun YoYo. I love it’s angular shape.

This is a custom anodized Avant Garde 2. Grunt bull messed up the first color, so be made it up to me by redoing it in this premium galaxy I could never afford. Sometimes I just sit and stare at it for 5 minutes… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And finishing it off, this is a SoSerious Chronos. I love this one so much. It’s like an organic, and it feels so nice and comfy in my hand. But it still has awesome power.

So now it’s your turn! What are your finest crafted yoyos? Which ones do you collect, and love to just sit and look at, whether you throw them much or not?

I’d love to see. Let’s see those vintage organics with wonderful craftsmanship!


You should check out the throws from x3

I believe stickman even has an aware which would be a nice add.

The grail undercut would be a Russ answer muffintop

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I saw that! Unfortunately, his aware was already gone when I messaged him :frowning:

But yeah, I’d love to get some X3

I love undercut yoyos also. For now here’s what I have on my display shelf which hangs behind my desk, I change these out pretty frequently. Also a picture of some other YoYos I have sitting on top of my pc that fit a common theme and happen to amuse me.


You should try the Hubless Yoyos Bite-size. It’s an undercut you’ll remember forever. You should also look into the 2018 44Clash yoyo designed by Mowl, AA YOYOCLUB and Yo-Yo Studio Llama.


Thanks for the recommendations! I will definitely check those out.

If anyone is more into the subtle undercuts I’d also check out the PV44 from @fatguysnacks247 .
It’s an incredible H shape, that somehow feels slightly organic, and one of those yoyos where the craftsmanship is just :ok_hand:


thanks for the props @nightshadow - and the little bit of weight we added for the production model of the pv44 made the nuance of change we wanted. i am very happy with this piece :heart:

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This is where the value of how the yoyo makes you feel while throwing it really comes into play. To me, this is the nuance of trying different yo-yos. It’s all about the feeling that each one brings. Of my favourite yo-yos, some are high performing bi-metals and others are less about performance, but they are the ones that I keep coming back to because, for some reason or another, they provide a unique throwing experience for me. - they feel really great to throw.