I think I get it now

I used to put 100% of my focus when determining how much I liked a yoyo on how well it did in straight line performance tests. Speedcombos, long combos, horizontal combos. I thought that anyone who said they enjoyed the “feel” of a yoyo was kidding themselves. This is how I operated for the past 6 years.

But that recently changed, when I tried an undercut yoyo. It was like the sky opened up, and the good vibes rained down.

It wasn’t the BEST competition yoyo out there, but it just had this feeling on the string. I couldn’t put it down! Now, I can see where you guys are coming from as far as this is concerned.

I couldn’t imagine looking and looking for a certain yoyo that wasn’t even that good for competition, but now I can. It’s about whatever clicks with you. Whatever gives you joy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still think throwing is more important than collecting, but now, I think I can see where you collectors coming from. I guess I should apologize to some of the more collector oriented throwers on the forum, because now I find myself wanting to collect another undercut yoyo myself. (But as I said, I do still think growing your skills is the most awesome feeling)

Of course competition performance is still one of my loves as well. This is why I so much enjoy Sengoku’s performance lineup. But like I said, I’ve realized that it having the right “feel” is very important too.

Anyway, there you go. That’s how my attitude towards a lot of yoyoing changed overnight.
Peace, keeping throwing y’all!


Love your thoughts. Yeah I’m a big collector. I love collecting cards, yoyoplayer cards, baseball cards, football cars, (etc) I also love to collect wooden yoyos.


i feel like this is a red herring… we’ll become close friends… agree on a lot of stuff… and i’ll wake up someday with cases full of the widest quad-metal v-shapes in history :thinking: highly suspect, but i embrace you nevertheless brother


Well, if wild quad metals make you happy, then go for it!
I personally can’t see the love of old organics, but if they give you the feeling that undercuts give me, who am I to argue?


I’m glad to know that you’ve found a yoyo that clicks for you in a fun sort of way. I’ll keep rocking my organics and you continue with the undercuts.


Right on man! Maybe one day I’ll find the perfect organic haha.

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i found an h-shape that screamed at me out of nowhere - the oxy5… i generally vehemently dislike the h-shape… now we’re in parallel canoes


That does look like a fun throw, but oh man, I tell you what I’d kill for, and that’s a Oxy Hyperion.


Look at Spintime Matador for a very fun organic

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there was a hyperion floating around recently… i have a syzygy, aluminum w/ti ring bimetal if you want to talk about it… the ONLY bimetal i own… was an FSYB exclusive… this is a unique case though :thinking:

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Yeah I saw that! I really really wish I had the means to pick it up haha.

Thank you very much for telling me about your yoyo, but I think I’d like to look at the more extreme undercut shapes right now.

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It’s not what you throw, it’s not what you think you know about yoyoing, it’s not about who you agree with or disagree with, it’s simply about the size of your smile and the joy in your heart.

For some that’s competition, for some sharing opinions, for some it’s something else. Whatever it is, it’s simply perfect for the individual. Judging each other on their outlook on yoyoing is like judging each other on food preferences. We all have different experiences we bring to yoyoing and many of us experience yoyoing much differently from others.


It’s always been about the fun for me. I own some yoyos that I absolutely love that really aren’t typical competition yoyos - the Dif Crossbones, the One Drop Sovereign and Deep State, the TK No Jive. It’s not about the performance, it’s about the joy they bring me to play, the feel, the unique experience each offers. Awesome that you’re experiencing that, @nightshadow :slight_smile:


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