Nickel Polish


what exactly should i use to polish up my nickel plated benchmark O? i have a can of Mother’s, Brass-o, and a can of aluminum polish. would any of these work or harm it? and is there anything i should know about any specific methods of polishing?


If you really must polish your nickel One Drop, the preferred polish is Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish, as pictured below…



Isn’t that against the purpose of nickel?


Everything gets scratched eventually :frowning:


Some people don’t like the natural tarnish look. Also, some folks’ body chemistry can actually accelerate the tarnishing, but then others have no effect on the nickel. I’m one of the latter and none of my nickels show any sign of tarnish. YMMV…


P.S. Polish will help remove the tarnish and very, very fine scratches. Big scratches are there to stay…


I heard that some people are allergic to nickel which causes the tarnishing.


Being allergic causes a reaction on the person, usually on the skin, such as hives, spots, irritation, etc. The ph level of your personal skin oils are what can cause nickel to tarnish, and eveyone’s personal ph is different. That, coupled with the quality of your local environment (what’s in your air can combine to quickly tarnish nickel, or, do nothing at all…



I’m guessing clammy hands would greatly speed up the tarnishing.

That’s what people were saying about the LG watch’s charging pins rusting.