Nickel finishes

I have a markmont next and recently got a Wolly markmont. I was thinking of using Mothers Mag and aluminum to polish it, but read that if you go too hard you can rub out the nickel coating. I am not sure so thought I would ask to see if anyone else had any experience or suggestions for nickel.

A light polishing w/mothers should be fine. Just stay away from abrasives like steel wool or sand paper.

you don’t think mothers is abrasive? I used it to help take ano off a dietz after I soaked the Dietz in some chemicals. It did give it a mirror look finish.

have you used it on nickel? I am afraid it might take some nickel off. What do you think?

Jhb knows a lot, I would trust him.

All polish is abrasive to some degree. Keep in mind it’s a wheel polish. Most wheels are coated with whatever makes them shiny.

Maybe try NEVR-Dull.

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yeah I totally missed “light”

Thanks!!! I will try mothers maybe or just order never dull. But yea i didn’t realize most were abrasive to some degree. I hope never dull is not as abrasive as Mothers.

Get monkeyfinger buff

It is nickel plated, not annodized, which is what Buff is for.

Silver polishing cloths are amazing just rup it with it and it shines it right up