help with polishing Nickel and anodized

I just got a Nickel Code 2 - and before I let it go patina, I thought I’d shine it up…

I’ve read that some like Mothers Mag and Aluminum, is this the way to go? Something better?

Also, thought about shining up an anodized throw - but Mothers said NOT recommended for anodized or coated metals - any suggestions? Would whatever you suggest here also shine the nickel?

Mothers is THE best. I’m not sure it works on nickel because I’ve never tried it, but it probably does. I don’t think you can polish an anodized yoyo to make it shinier. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it will just look the same.

I’m telling you, man. Mothers.

Nope, can’t polish an anodized yoyo. You need a smooth finish for a polish.

Polish - I like NEVR-DULL myself.

The guys at Square Wheels include a note with the Royale that suggests if you want to shine their anodized Yoyo that you use a bit of wd40 on a cloth. I personally haven’t tried it.
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