Nick Tricks


What’s your go-to modification of your username when it’s not available on a given website?

For example, I just found a site where “basepi” is taken. Do I go with “thebasepi”, or “basepi1” or “basep1” or “bas3pi”…?




No one’s taken MY username yet.

(LordCanti) #4

I have like 7 different usernames so it’s fine. 8)

…it also makes finding the other sites I’m on a chore. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine isn’t terribly common, but on the offhand I do I add a series of numbers. I forgot my password to an online game and the company sent me a replacement password, 1598BLFD, so I always add the 1598 bit.

Heck as a cashier my password on the register is 1598.


Nice. I’ve considered trying to add some numbers to the end, but I’ve never been a hug fan of trailing numbers when I can avoid it.

On Reddit I’m “basepi_” – I really like it when they let me use the trailing underscore.

The current one I’m trying to name is only letters or numbers – no dashes or underscores allowed. The sad thing is, “basepi” is not actually an account on that site – it was an account that was subsequently deleted, and they don’t allow you to reuse deleted names. =(

I’m currently leaning towards “thebasepi”, but we’ll see.


Off topic but I just read your sig haha

When I see your username I’ve always said it in my head ba-se-pi, not base-pi :smiley:


Most people do. =D Eventually they read the sig and then only sometimes get it, if they know about number bases.


Well, my username here was random, I was like, “I don’t know, mr yoyoman? Nah that’s cheesy. Logi? That’s sorta like my name but not really, it is probly taken anyway” click “oh, it wasn’t, I don’t like this username. Oh well.”


Ha! Well, I think we can all agree you carry the name well. :wink:


It was sorta weird for a little, but I’m used to it now. Just never call me Logi in real life. It’s just so weird. My name is LOGAN not LOGI.




I pronounce Logi as Lojee. How do you pronounce it?

Also, nice to meet you Logan! :wink:


Lo gee.


Usually just like you try to change it a little bit. I usually go with Nightshadow95, nightshadow or Niightshadow95 and another one I can’t say on the forum lol


That sounds like an awful username xD

(LordCanti) #16


On IRC I’ll put “TheReal” in front of my username of choice. (like TheRealSlimShady)


which one?