Nice sale ==> MEGA 100$ PACKAGE !!!


Small sale of the yoyos I don’t use enough to keep them. You make the offer. Keep in mind shipping to Europe is around eur6, to US around eur9. Paypal if you’re in the US, bank transfer (IBAN) (or paypal) if you’re in Europe. If you have more questions feel free to ask of course. Buy more and get nice discounts.


Big Brother Yo Yo TT
• Camo
• Mint
• Original package
• Smooth

• Trans purple
• Minty fresh
• Pretty smooth for a FHZ

Duncan Mayhem
• Red
• Several dings/scratches
• Has a vibe
• Can go cheap/be added to a deal

YYJ Legacy
• White
• 1 side silicone
• Smooth
• Not mint, usual play marks
• Can go cheap/be added to a deal


Im up for a trade for the Primo, idk if you’ll want it, but i have a red w/ black splash BOSS Augie Fash edition, with one or two minor scrathes, and original packaging, if u want i can put up pics.

P.s. This is only a maybe, i have to get permission from my parents, and that might take a little bit


Please read the text. I tried to state the important things in bold to make it more clear to people.

2 St. Eels are gone!


Someone get this deal !!


2 metals and 2 plastics for 100$ shipped to your door!! What do you want more ?


LOL still here ??


Someone grab this !!


Last day I bump this

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