Nice metals looking for a new home

Turning Point Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 64.80 Width (mm) 47.11 Diameter (mm) 52.07 Gap Width (mm) 5.00 Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 .187 in Gap Type Fixed Stock Response System Kentaro Pad - Jason Lee 888 Sized
Very little play only a very few very small marks- very small.

Free rider

  • Size & shape similar to the classic Freehand Zero
  • Thumb / Finger grind lip
  • AnY’s popular top-on hub
  • Sand-blasted, low-friction finish
  • Soft anodization in pink
  • Long spinning ball bearing (similar in size to the Yoyo Jam Large bearing)
    60 grams
    Diameter: 57mm
    Width: 38mm
    limited to only 400,
    No marks that I can see on this yoyo.

Both yoyos are as near mint as you will find short of new in the box. I bought this and they are just not my thing. I will sell them out right or will trade for something else. Turning point is 100.00 new at YYN. I will take 75.00 shipped U.S.
The Free rider is 88.00 new at YYN . I will take 65.00 shipped.
For trades I like plastic and Celcon and Metal rimmed responsive throws. I am more of a collector then a thrower. Simply tricks and passing time are how I use my yoyos. Would like a new to near new Dark Knight would also like a nice Tom Kuhn bearing model also love fast 201s.