NH yoyo club!! Meeting Monthly in Manchester, June 20, 2015 2-4pm


I’m kinda jealous… >:D


I hope to be there next time…

Was the big news announced?


Yes it was.


Any Birthday throws soviet?


Sadly, no. My yoyo-related birthday present was my mom driving me to NH yoyo club on the 2nd!


Wow going to NH yoyo club was one of your Birthday requests!!! I feel honored! !


i unfortunately can’t make the one this weekend but i’ll come sooner or later.


Who is coming to yoyo club in March?


Don’t think I can.


I think I will be coming.


i can.


Yup Yup.





I don’t know. I have a band concert that day but it’s in the morning. We’ll see. ::slight_smile:


Got a bunch of people coming who are not on the forums so hope to have a really good turn out this month and the contest is looking like a really good turn out. Hope to see everyone there.


Great! The more, the merrier!
I can’t wait 'til April.


Have yoyo been practicing the tricks I have been working on with you Manofmystery?


I think I can come, the 16th right?


I can do cold fusion now, almost.
Just need to perfect it.