Next yo yo recommends

So guys what yoyo should I bring next am pretty intermediate but keep in mind that it might be at least 5 to 6 month until the next so I want something that will fulfill me with those month so I think of getting a too hot with a regen? I can only buy with a 100$ for now since shipping cost 48$ so max can be 100$

Get a One Drop.

I agree, One Drop Benchmark series or a Gradient are nice.

Whimsy roar is my Fav right now.

Been hearing a lot of great things about the too hot

For plastics I’d grab a diffusion 2 or crazy D

For metals I’d grab werrd 86400, too hot, or accelerator

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TooHOT is excellent. Really want to try an Accelerator, too.

I really enjoy the Werrd Minute, if that form factor works for you. It’s a tiny bit less stable than a full-sized but it’s plenty stable and lots of fun.