Newbie here needing help with The Matrix!

Well, I’m probably the noobest guy here, but I really do know y’all can help me out big time. I’m having trouble with the extra roll in the matrix, where your throwing hand (in my case, right hand) goes over your other hand. I get all the steps, I’m just trying to do it fast, but every time I go over my other hand, the string that’s wrapped around my left hand just goes off. Meaning no string left on my left hand. Also when I’m going over the left hand, the angle to my body is different with the other parts of the trick, meaning the yo-yo likes to stop at that time. You know how double or nothings are sideways? Well, my righthandoverlefthand segment tends to be a 45 degree angle (body to yoyo).

So, I’m having trouble with the throwing-hand-over-non-throwing-hand-additional-roll.

Sorry for the noob question.

This really goes for saying with any other trick you try to learn but:

Just keep throwing the trick together slow, eventually it will get smooth, smoothness leads to speed.

I realize this doesn’t sound like much of an answer but practice is the only solution to your problem.

I had that EXACT same problem when I was learining matrix. 2 things. #1 you are NOT a noob. If you can do some or all the intermediate tricks. #2 like fatstrings said “practice leads to smoothness, and smoothness leads to speed.” He is right. You will get it eventually. But, another thing you could try is as you are doing the first “roll” begin to wrap the string around that NT pointer, and when the first roll is finished, you can go right into the 2nd one and go right back into the double or nothing mount. Hope this helped. Good luck :wink:

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Thanks guys. I did practice for around two hours, and now I seem to have it. Movin’ on to the rest of the advanced. It’s gonna be a tough journey =P