New YYf throw

You guys excited for the new YYF throw? I heard its gonna be Luis’s new signature throw. Loved his performance at worlds 2013. Definitely loved his freestyle, anxious to see his future with YYF.

Never heard of it. ???

anyone know what he was throwing at worlds?

An orange Luis Genesis for prelims, and a Pink Luis Genesis for the finals.

so a genesis? wow whats the difference from the old genesis?

weight distribution and the shape changed a little

There’s a picture on the Ask.FM. I accidentally clicked on the yyf worlds releases link. (I put that there on accident) and it turned to the I never like those, but the pic of the yoyo was amazing!

There’s the photo for those interested. Looks like the love child of a Chief and Genesis. I eagerly await stats. :slight_smile:

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that’s not it. They announced an official one a whole ago.

I honestly hate the look of this, loved the Luis genesis look but not this. Just looks super bulky.

Wow. That’s pretty. You described it perfectly. I doubt that I’ll get it though…too many other things I want, LOL.

It looks like a Chief without the double inner rings. I was going to get on here and say I’m not excited at all because I’ve never had a YYF yoyo that I didn’t immediately put up for sale/trade on here or eBay, but that actually looks really nice. Hopefully it’ll have a blasted finish that feels different than their others. For some reason the blasted YYF yoyos I’ve tried just don’t feel like the finishes on other companies I’ve tried.

Err. As it’s already been pointed out, it looks like a chunky chief.

I imagine it plays solid and heavy. That’s what Luis likes.

Looks good. But I want to see stats.