NEW YYF Role Model and Protostar (VG) edition

hey guys! This is my first post on here and I wanted to sell my yoyos. The yoyos for sale are a YYf role model and victor gravitsky edition protostar. They both are out of their boxes but only the role model has been thrown. They are both mint and the role model has only been thrown ~50 times. I also have one of the new white glow northstars. It has a weird vibe and one spacer is a little rough, but it comes with a new ctx bearing. The role model retails for 76.99 and the protostar retails for 34.99. Both of the ones i am selling are in mint and only the role model has been thrown. They both are unmodified and stock. I am selling the role model for $55 and the protostar for $25. Because of the vibey nature of the northstar, I dont feel comfortable selling it. I will however throw the northstar in for whoever buys both.