New YoYoFactory VK SLUSNY!

Vashek is one of the most widely recognized European yo-yo players. Known in the European contest scene for his multiple Czech National Titles, his European titles, and his unbelievably fluid and commanding style! And his latest signature yo-yo is the most stylish and powerful VK model we have seen! This is the New bi-metal VK Slusny!

The 2015 VK Slusny is Vashek Kroutil’s newest signature yo-yo and first bi-metal design to be created with his name. Vashek has quite a few championships under his belt, so when he designs a yo-yo you know it’s going to be a serious competitor! He based the shape of the new VK Slusny on his signature CZM8 design, but wanted it to be more powerful and long spinning for extended combos. YoYoFactory made some small changed to the design, added some stainlesss steel weight rings, and turned the CZM8 into an entirely new monster! The VK Slusny!

By placing the weight rings on the inside of the cup, YoYoFactory was able to give the VK SS improved spin time and stability without sacrificing speed or maneuverability. The Rings do make the VK SS a little heavier than it’s predecessor, but once you feel the power behind this throw you won’t even notice that extra weight!

Pick up the new bi-metal VK Slusny and take your freestyle to the next level!

Releases Saturday, April 25 @ 8PM EST!

Friday the 24th? Saturday is the 25th.

Whoops! Botched that announcement, i’m not saying I thought yesterday was Friday when I was building the VK page… but mistakes were made.


Sorry for any confusion guys!

dat gap

This yoyo looks a bit unexciting.