NEW YoYoExpert Edition Protostar!

YoYoFactory just made some of the best looking Protostars we have EVER SEEN!

Pick up this amazing Protostar with the custom YoYoExpert Engraving while supplies last!

And if you’re picking up a special edition yo-yo you can’t be caught using some regular old multi-tool. Check out the new YoYoExpert Exclusive Red Multi-Tools from YoYoFactory!

^ That’s my dream Protostar. I ordered two of them. ;D YYE x YYF = My favorite.

As soon as I was reading this topic I thought “TA is gonna be all over this” And it looks like I was right :smiley:

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Those look really nice! Ain’t nothing like a yyf/yye collab! Gotta get these.

That red one looks so sick! I might buy one if I get the money for my birfdeh

Phwoar that clear one with the red logo looks tasty! Oh the temptation…

You should buy one, because when it spins, it turns into an eyeball. Now, that’s neat! by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

What is it about a classic Totalartist ‘in motion’ picture that just makes one want to instantly buy a yoyo?

I must say I’ve really warmed towards my Protostar recently. I wasn’t a huge fan originally, but I’ve started playing with it a lot more and it got to the point where it’s actually became my carry-about-in-my-car yoyo. I never really realised how fun it was before, so I might just have to pick one of these up.

Really want to try a Northstar though since the Proto seems just a TAD too light to me. I’m a sucker for the old neon colours so I’m really hoping they bring them back in some form.