New yoyo won't stay unresponsive

So update: running dry/raw is great. Fixed all the issues.

I’ll try putting a smaller dab of lube and letting it settle later. Thanks, all.

Edit: any long term effects of not lubricating the bearings?


Some people say they wear out faster without lube, but I have yet to have one wear out passed the point that cleaning the bearing doesn’t fix it. I have a few that I’ve been using for at least 4 years

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I played partially responsive for ~45 minutes but it still didn’t stay unresponsive.

I had to put canned air through the bearings a few time to really remove the excess oil. I guess 1/4 of a drop was too much.

It’s now unresponsive again and I’ll test it to verify the settings stick. The feel of a raw bearing felt wonderful though.