new yoyo... what finish?

I want a new premium yoyo, but i cant decide on a finish. is acid wash good at grinding?

Acid wash isn’t a finish but merely a color option.

If you want something good at grinding you’ll want something like bead blast, candy blast, sand blast etc. There are yoyos good at grinding without being blasted, but I think if you can go with one with some sort of blast you’ll be better off. I just got a void wich is candyblasted and it’s AMAZING at grinds. It’s your choice in the end, though.

I like Hardcoats a lot.

BeadBlast by General-Yo is heavenly.

dang, thanks guys. i was looking at a general-yo hatrick or maybe a NVx. whats the advantages and disadvantages of hubstacks? cuz if their cool and dont have much for disadvantages might have to do some more looking. the 888x is pretty neat too. i have also never tried anything but a full sized yoyo. do you guys prefer full sized or something smaller, and why? (sorry if my questions seem stupid, just trying to be a lil better informed before i buy)

It really depends on what you want, not us we can only offer our opinions on the subject, it is you that has to be happy with what you buy in the long run. Anyways depending on shape is what size I like, for more classic shape I prefer an undersized yoyo like the Hatrick or a Wooly Marmot, but for a butterfly shaped yoyo I prefer a larger yoyo like the Primo or Superstar.

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