[new yoyo] Rollout Calabrone!


here the Rollout Calaborne i designed.
thanks to ralf(rollout) and steve(roo-yo) for the axel system
we don’t have specs right now, it’s just a prototype now… :slight_smile:

i hope you’ll like this extrem design.
it’s a derlin yoyo
we are very happy because it work very well.
i’ll give you the specs of final product soon.



it is awesome…what’s about the price for one of these? ;D


I seen this one on SY-blog earlier, gotta say; its cool
I love extreme shape yoyo.

(JonasK) #4



This looks really close to Mike Montgomery’s Baseboost yo-yo lol. Like scarily close :o


because great minds meet!
we don’t know price yet, but we will do our best!


It looks like a more round Omnicromhttp://www.yoyonation.com/product_detailed_images.php?productid=16959

(Mark) #8

I like it a lot! It’s sleek and fits your style!


Bravo Alex! Sickest looking Delrin EVAR!

(Q) #10

Except the Bassboost doesn’t really have that radical curve…


Ohemgee, I Luvs the Shape.