New Yo-Yo Clip Idea

I’m selling a few of these on the bst. I want to see how they sell before I produce a larger run (I have different dice and lanyard colorways in mind). They are simple, yet edgy :slight_smile:

Those look awesome. But wouldn’t there be a risk of dinging up metals on the triple yoyo holder? You could just use it for plastics but what if you had metals?

Other then that they look sweet.

Notice how I strategically placed a plastic between 2 metals :smiley:

I’ll buy one if there’s one all in black. been needing one for a while… but can they come off the clip? I have an S-binder I use for my keys I’d want to put it on.

EDIT: i’d be okay with some green in there. green is my favorite color and all my yoyos are green anyway.

These look siick!

The triple holder would scare the nutella out of me… I get edgy when my metals grind against the metal Rivet on the little change pocket of my jeans.


Same here. I like the single, though.

yup. Agreed. If he would do like 12 sided dice or so that would be SO COOL

…too tired for creeping…