New video for #MoebiusSeptember

I’m really proud of this new episode of PopCast. It’s all about Möbius, a substyle of 1A that utilizes the slipknot into string tricks. In this episode of PopCast I talk about it’s history, some basic mounts, and we hear some words from @_Z1, the GOAT of Möbius himself.

We are trying to encourage players to try this style out and share their tricks on Instagram using the hashtag #moebiusseptember.


I’ve always been interested in this style just never felt like I was good enough lol

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Thought I’d share a few more links here for anyone who is interested in möbius.

I really enjoyed this thread that Zammy posted on the YYE forum back in 2012 about the basic terminology, variations, and a bit of history.

I really like Zammy’s “Simplicity” video as a starting point for möbius trick ideas.

Here’s a recent trick by Gábor Szilágyi

And one of my oldest (and favoritest) möbius tricks

Nice, I just saw that Zammy posted a new vid today too


Just a follow up to my initial post, I got some feedback saying the tricks covered in the PopCast video jumped up in difficulty a little quickly, so last night I recorded some more introductory tricks to help get people started with Möbius for #moebiusseptember.

This video shows how to do Möbius barrel rolls and Brain Twister, two great tricks to get you started.


Wrapping up #moebiusseptember with a short clip video of original tricks

Huge shoutout to all the folks who posted Möbius clip videos this month. Here are a few:

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