New Vid I made earlier today

That was tight. I wouldn’t have guessed you can fingerspin on a Super G. :slight_smile:

Love that stop and go, too. Stop and gos rule the universe. I can only do ye classique Stop-and-go. Want to collect more.

Loved the “moving to another location” part, too. Added a lot of fun to the video.

That one is not bad Logan Willis has a tutorial up for it right here ->
As for the finger spins only throw I can not do it on is my yomega glide since it has a polish and does not grind lol. I can even do it with my nickel CODE 1 and normally nickel does not grind very well. Thanks for watching and I hope you get that stop and go :stuck_out_tongue: its real fun

rad ;D

Should have mentioned… love watching stop and gos; can do classic stop and go…

But ever since I string-burned the everloving heck out of my NTH finger during one particular stop and go, I fear them. Watching that Broken Sky Bind video and seeing the conviction at which he pulled the throwhand to make it “go” again… brought back ghost pain to my hand.

But I shall give’er a go!

You got it haha, Dont give me things too worry about :stuck_out_tongue: