Some stuff Im working on

nothing clean yet but Im working on it lol

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Haha, great stuff! (I always want to call you “Randy”…)

What yoyo are you using for the fingerspin stuff? Speaking of which, that was a NUTTY horizontal regen out of the fingerspin!!

Haha yeah its wonky thats for sure I dont really trust regens out of horizontal lol. I was using a summit for that and its kind of hard with it for me lol. I can do it with the hour the best but I try to rep OD in videos haha

I thought you might be reppin’ OD, but man… don’t side effects get in the way of fingerspin? Even with ultralights, there’s still a “nub” that my finger would keep bumping up against. Mind you, the only “hop to fingerspin” yoyo I can do reliably right now is my Lesula. :wink: Hopping to fingerspin is so much cooler than matador, but I do love me some matador anyhow.

Yeah they sort of get in the way but I can really do it on any throw I have even some of the polished ones lol. Duncan Echo is sick for learning that stuff. I just have really long skinny fingers so getting around the SE is pretty easy for me, Im a giant lol 6ft 8in haha. I do recommend learning it with a Fat string but its preference I can do it with normal strings as well. Still I get some friction tho around the SE some throws can just spin forever it seems lol.

Woah bro

Gettin wayyy better man! Keep it up :smiley: