New/Used Yoyos for Sale

New/Used Yoyos for sale.
Please add $5 shipping CONUS per order. Paypal, please! I need money for more organics :upside_down_face:
(VG+) YYF Monster Edge $45 (one flat spot on each side from tile, pictured. Smooth.)
(NM) YYF Edge Ultimatum $55 (Only thrown a handful of times, smooth)
(NM) OD Burnside 20/20 Saturday Market SOLD (glass smooth, only thrown a few times)
(NMSB) Recess Snack $35 (Bgrade, new in box, never opened)
(NM) Rain City Skills x Doc Pop Popart $45 (bgrade, no box, no counterwight, plays nice)


Free bump as I was checking out the Burnside. “My hobbies (apart from yoyo) include playing/restoring pinball machines”

Seen this machine?


I haven’t gotten to play one yet, the wife and I have been very introverted with everything going on…

But it does certainly look supreme!

I heard the new Led Zeppelin is a real blast as well!

Also, Burnside is still available, had a sale fall through earlier this morning…I guess paypal f&f was a turn off?

Yeah most of us would opt for goods and services .


Ah, ok…so I was recently educated on this just a little while ago. I had no idea, thought g&s would be sketchy for me as the seller…but I have been corrected.

Always something new to learn, right?

So, I guess I lost the sale on account of my own ignorance…it is what it is :sweat_smile:

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Just for price reference I bought a snack brand new A grade that same color and everything from yotricks for 34.99.

Yeah I did friends and family and got burned once. Friends and family leaves the buyer SOL if the seller doesn’t deliver .


Well, I paid $35 for it before that run was released and the price was lowered…I am negotiable if you’re interested :wink:

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I told ya I have one bro lol same colorway and everything. Good luck on selling!

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Lol, yeah…I read it. Playful sarcasm never translates well online I suppose :upside_down_face:

I do appreciate the info. Didn’t realize they lowered the price…darn you Tyler!