New Tuts on the Way!

Ryan On Fire- Cross your fingers(and arms!) and hope you’ve got the skills to master this one!

Bushido Twist- My answer to the Ninja Vanish: a Black GT Laceration!

Doc Pop: Word to your Father- a Doctor popular tribute teaching several old school tricks for those of you who like to feel nostagic!

All these coming soon! Be ready for them!

Awesome. Sounds like fun.

When you get a bunch done then you should change your username to King Tuts!

Sweet! I’m looking forward to the Doc Pop!

Haha that was funny. Now it would be funny if he were Egyptian.

Dude Joe I cant wait and I bet i can get all of em in a day (each) except black gt thing considering i dont know what a normal black gt is

a black gt it a cross are gt. seen here,

this is one of like a gazillion ways to get into a black gt. this was just an example.

oh lol i do that all the time i always called it reversed gt

Awesome! can’t wait for some tuts! :smiley: