New Tutorial: 5A Combo 1


Hey guys, I am back with another tutorial. This time it is a 5A tutorial, so it is a little bit different. Most likely, you 5A players can hit this, but you 1A and other styled players may have some struggle. No offense of course.
Trick: 5A Combo 1
Inventor: Me
Style: 5A

Note: On this trick, you should learn each part separately and then combine them. It is just easier to do it that way, imo.
Again, I am hoping to reach 50 views as I did pretty quickly with my James Reed trick (which I thank all of your for).



Awesome! I like it its a pretty good combo especially for 1a players venturing into 5a! Also did you use a 2012 genesis?


Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I did use a 2012 Genesis. Great 5A throw by the way.


This tutorial appears to be less of a hit at 12 views.



Still trying to reach 50 views here.