New trick tutorial: PopGun Whip (inspired by Kota)

Here’s a new tutorial for one of my favorite tricks, the PopGun Whip. Check it out here


Love it very cool looking move!

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Gonna do this all evening :grin:. Copied to muscle memory. Not too hard to learn with a very satisfying end. Thanks for sharing.
I would have called it DocPewPew :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m so glad you learned it! I think the big move at the end is cool, but I really like the two slack elements that are used to set the trick up.

The second one where you catch it with the thumb gave me a problem at the beginning. I always catches it and had a twist in the last loop (the one u shot). But after adjust my swing a bit I could catch it from the other side and twist was gone.
I attached a nylon string just for this trick which makes the last part even more fun.

I feel like a kid eating an entire box of cereal just to get to the gun whip prize at the end. I haven’t landed this one yet but I’m gunning for it. :grin:

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