new to yoyos need help

:slight_smile: so I’m new to yoyos

What do you need help with

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kinda just tips I’m 12 and I ordered a yeti 2.0 I got big hands and I heard its big

I’m 12. Just practice get into it and practice and it’ll eventually pay off

If you don’t have a specific question, just take a look around the site:

Learning Tricks:
YoYoExpert Trick tutorials

Useful info:
Useful modification & maintenance guides -
Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

Where to ask about good yoyos:
Looking for Help/Recommendations

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Practice as much as you can as often as you can and have fun.

Yeti 2 is super awesome. You made a good choice. Check out the trick tutorials on YoyoExpert and work your way through them at whatever pace is comfortable to you. You’ll be awesome before you know it.

I’m 12 too I have been yoyoing a year tomorrow trust me go ahead and start unresponsive because it took me 3 months to get a unresponsive and to me a month to learn basic tricks

You might want check out yo tricks channel on YouTube they have allot of tutorials. Clyw cabin tutorials are nice to.

Ohhh, you mean like HERE???


Cabin Tutorials are cool, but jhb is right this is a much better way to start.

It’s specifically made for starting out.

Sorry the auto correct on my phone changed to somewhere.

I meant to say some other site but you can’t post links.

BillyBob’s has great tutorials on just about everything

It changes because you can’t link to other sites here.

Also, the tutorials here are pretty boss. You should check them out.

Guys, it is just poor form to talk about other online yoyo stores when Yoyoexpert is paying for this forum.

Definitely check out the tutorials here. You’ll need to build up that solid foundation before you take on the cabin tutorials as it’s assumed that you understand a lot of the different yoyo elements/mounts.

Buy lots of string. 100 strings is almost not enough.

Yeah, funny how that happens, ain’t it… :wink:

Sorry. I didn’t think about that.

Sorry guys. I am a idiot :-[