new thrower to the community!

My parents own a cabin out in Rolla MO, and i introduced a 12 year old named Blake to the wonders of yo. It started when he saw me using my favorite yoyo, (first run protostar) on the deck of my cabin. He seemed very interested in it, so i offered him my fireball to help him learn. I had only hung out with him for 2 days and he could already bind, walk the dog, rock the baby, and do brain twister. I believe he recently purchased a Stackless PGM. I haven’t seen him for a week or two now, and I’m excited to see how he has progressed while i have been away. Hoping to see him make an account on the forum soon. :slight_smile:

Cool! It is always exciting to see new “apprentice’s” of yours to progress, until they are better then you. (Just kidding) Hope to see him on yoyoexpert soon!