New Style StickHand Yoyoing

me and my friend mr.genki made up. :slight_smile:

I am not gona lie, Noel kunz did this in his Worlds AP performance, but with a Drum stick.

i didnt know but im working on stuff with this ill make a vid watch its gonna be kwl

Well, there’s actually this one guy that did it with a spoon. :slight_smile:

Pretty epic actually.

I’ve made tricks that look like I am drumming with my fingers and thought about using two drumsticks but never got around to it. (Yes the yoyo is attached to the drum stick)

I’ve been doing this with volunteers’ fingers for ages. I don’t think it would fall under a whole new style though, cause it’s still 1A

i tried that once, but i stopped because it deosn’t let you do anything you can’t do with you finger.

My friend and I is proper grammer but great vid anyway and when the guy gets back from Germany shoot me a PM about how much they are going to cost.

WOW your such a Scott Manifold

Dude I’m 10 do you really think I know who he is.

I know you don’t it’s kind of an inside thing and now that I read back on it, it sounds mean and I am sorry if you took it the wrong way.

He is a guy at my school who skipped his junior year of high school and is super smart.

Facepalm LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed Your sentence was a run on sentence, and it also needed some commas. :stuck_out_tongue:

~James Reed!

That video was done by my good friend Mr. Jeff Coons. He plays on the Duncan team and he’s a pretty cool guy. :smiley:

Spoon grind.