6 months and counting

It has been 6 months since I have started yoyoing, and i wanted to show you guys some of my tricks. No Editing, so you guys can see how good I actually am.


Pretty good man, keep it up. Nice Yuuki Slack btw!

if you can take that ladder ecscpe and make it faster, you’ll have people amazed there! ;D

Nice tricks. In 3:07 to 3:15 min. of the video, you copied my trick from my YYE tournament video (I have no problem with that), I called this trick “Magic Slack 5.”

Happy Throwing! =]

I’m pretty sure thats not your trick. However, the fact that you discovered it yourself is pretty awesome :wink:

nice vid man u r good!

It is my trick Samad, you’re saying that you are not sure, so I’m tellin’ ya

Happy Throwing! =]

Its been used many times before.

Really?..link(prove it)

Happy Throwing! =]


That looks really good, knobbemoki1. I’m amazed.


WHAA?..oh man…well that’s a little different than me…

Happy Throwing! =]

I just got the trick from here :smiley:

…and Knobbimoki, try not to make your mouth moving weirdly while yoyoing…

Happy Throwing!=]

Personally, i roll my eyes and look up, down, left and right while doing anything. People think I’m being rude, but i can’t help it. I guess its just a habit. Not that easy to change though.

LOL, my mouth does that too. When I play video games too. Its the tongue movement that gives focus.

I don’t know why but it helps concentrate