NEW STYLE DROPPED! It's called ~Perwin~

youtube recommended this to me, and i shall recommend this to you

a few weeks ago i made this discussion about what to do with excess string
Recycling excess strings - #31 by yocolas
and it seems like the CIA heard about it, and deployed youtube or something like that

anyway i can’t find any info about this style other than this channel


be careful when doing perwin bind tho, the dangling part of the string might snag and it’s a short snag, i just hit my skull because of it


I like it. Thanks for sharing

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I was just about to say something about this lol. I had a super long string once and didn’t cut the excess off and threw it tot eat if the length was good and it got caught on the second string and hit me right in the face. Deadly style​:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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