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Just some stuff i’m working on

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(Owen) #2


(Kei) #3

Very nice video, there were only 2 things I disapprove.

  1. Your music choice
  2. Orange string… (Orange is my least favorite string color)

Both are just opinions. So nice video :wink:

(Owen) #4

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll use neon yellow string next time




The music was far better than a lot of the ear pollution assaulting my headbone on 50% of yoyo videos I see.

You don’t like orange string? Really? That’s your critique? Careful, he’s a member of the mafia you know.

Nemyo, I thought you had some fun stuff going on there. Not mind-blowing combos perhaps, but fun attempts to do some unique things.

Keep throwin’ and spinnin’



very nice

(Owen) #8

Thanks Banjo!

Haha and I don’t really care if he didn’t like tge string or the music, he liked the tricks and that’s all that matter to me :slight_smile:

And thanksthanksthanksthanksthanks

Thanks firespitter


I quite like the music. Something a little different from the usual dance and/or rock tracks. My only piece of advice is MORE VIDEOS! =D



i agree on you

(Owen) #11

Will do man.

Im going to try and make a 2:00-3:00 minute video sometime this month/next month.

Thank you all for the input!
I really appreciate it