New stock some od, dd, and duncan!

In order from left to right and down,

One drop thruline mint, half swap from factory
45$ shipped

One drop 1to1 mint, 40$ shipped

Motion parrallel, mint SOLD

Brass herdsman no marks, plays well on string but has some fingernail vibe, SOLD

Heat treated oasis, one rub on rim, slightest of fingernail vibe 50$ shipped

Libero got a dinger still smooth 25$ shipped or 15$ add on

Yoshicuda x mint, KEEPING

everything is also best offer. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

Only trades id be looking for are longboard parts, decks, begleri, knuckle rollers


Jakebullock yoyos. Ideally a nickel plated slappa… plz :pleading_face:


Mostly cash :rofl:


I am interested in the elevated motion … would like to buy it


Bumpity bump it up

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Bumpity bump take these last two home, or trade me some longboard stuff

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Damn! I sold my longboards about a year ago, all I have left are a couple chunked wheels lol

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Damn hahaha i n3ed some 180 trucks, wheels, bearings what not

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You looking for any specific brands?

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Not particularly but ones id definitely want are paris, caliber, orangatang, etc

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My last board was a yocaher aluminum deck with bear trucks, bones super Swiss 6 bearings, and sector 9 nine balls 70mm 76a wheels. I miss it but I needed money lol yocaher makes some good decks though for pretty cheap, even the wood decks are good

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Sick ill have to check them out

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Another day another bump get these two dust collectors out of my case, so maybe i can get some parts!!

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Bumpity bump, i need some trucks, goung to add more to this post this evening

Bump up for new stock!

Pm sent


I’m interested in the herdsman is it still available?

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There’s some good stuff in here at reasonable prices. @Basix is legit, buy from here with confidence. :blush::+1:


Shameless in need of bill money bump

A bump here a bump there. Plz buy mah wears

Bumper bump

Bump for the homie

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