FS: Bliss, Chronos, Nostalgia, more

Price includes shipping in the US. Message for Intl shipping rates. Discounts given if you buy multiple.

Everything is NMTBS. Most have original box, or I’ll add a pouch/box.

Not looking for trades except a Draupnir or Bowl.

First person to pay gets it, no holds. Shoot me a message with any questions, thanks for looking!


@Mystik has been looking for that Haymaker X for months


Actually after the OG Haymaker, not the X. Thanks for the heads up though guys!

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@nightshadow not sure but u where looking for a chronos a while back, right?
I have one and I love this throw, so I could recommend it.


Yeah I was! Thanks for the tag man. I’m saving up for a Hyperion right now though, so I don’t really have the money to spare. I sure wish I did though! I love undercut yoyos.

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