FS/FT: Hour, Dynamo, cheap Plastics! LF:CASH!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry but I want to say no trades upfront! Need to make some money back! (Also the gold Chief is gone, so don’t ask.)

First up is Werrd Hour! I really like this yoyo so it will probably be the last to go! It is blue and smooth with only a few tiny tiny pinpricks! Looking for 45!

Next I have a star grade Dynamo. It has a few small pinpricks and vibe on grinds but is nice and smooth on the string! Looking for 50!

Next is a MIB Hayabusa. It is a SL and would mostly be a deal sweetner or sell it for 10!

Finally I have a YYJ Pinnacle and a YYF Whip! These are both mint and would sell either for 5.

More pics soon!


NO: YYF, Undersized throws, and lowballs


Ill buy the Hayabusa 10 Bucks to Canada. is that Good?