FS-Some good ones for CHEAP!

Got some great throws up for sale. Prices are shipped in the US. PayPal Friends and Family only please. I have great feedback. Buy multiple and I will cut some sweet deals. Hit me up for more pics or questions. :peace_symbol:

Motion Linear (Got for Christmas. Only thrown once.) -$50. SOLD

Iyoyo Firrox (Amazing H-shape)- $55. Sold

Duncan GTR (Justin Dauer edition) $60.

Turning Point Ancanthus S- (Cant remember what Turning point calls the special coating on this throw but it feels like Ceramic. Cant find any info on the special coating edition online) $100 SOLD

OG Bi-Metal Civility- $50. Sold

Outlier 3 (Has some vibe but dead smooth on the string) - $50. Sold.

Prohibition Excess (Hands down the best full Stainless throw I’ve ever played. Was $160 Retail) $75. SOLD

ZGRT Basilisk (Comes with stand)- $40. SOLD

Yoyofactory IQ and K.O. (Both amazing players)- $70 for both

Magic Yoyo Magical (These are really hard to find. Only other one I’ve seen is on Dylan Kowalski’s YouTube channel.) $50. SOLD

Yoyofriends Moonrock Peregrine- $55. SOLD

ZGRT The Don (Best D bearing I’ve owned) -$50

Rain City Skills Ouroboros- $40. SOLD

Freshly Dirty Canary- $30 or $20 add on SOLD

Luftverk Hybrid Fulvia, Plastic Peak, Thesis De capo water edition- $80 for all 3. SOLD


i will keep note of this,

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Some steals in here this morning!

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Bunch of stuff sold but a bunch of great ones left. Don’t sleep on these deals. Will discount for multiple throws!

A few more sold. Some great deals left. Let’s drop the Ancanthus down to $75. Might discount some others as well. Hit me up!

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Still a couple good ones left here! I’ll give a better price on the already low priced stuff if purchased tonight! Cheers :peace_symbol:

would you be willing to sell the IQ by itself.

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Yes but it would be a much better deal to get both.

is the civility the first release they made?

It is. It actually already sold. I sent you a message on the IQ. @Judahham

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