FS- Some really good throws!

All prices are shipped CONUS. Pm me for more pics. :peace_symbol:

Yoshicuda X- $60

Luftverk Hybrid Fulvia- $50

YYF Koi(new colorway/never thrown) $60

ZGRT The Don- $60

3Y03 Bassline 1 powder coat white-$100

Onedrop Cafe Racer hand painted by Brett Grimes-$150

OG Bi-Metal Civility- $70

Yoyofactory IQ- $65

Motion Centrifugal- $90

Japan Technology Fossil $250(this yoyo is $450 new)


Adding YYR Valkyrie- $90 (one of my all time favorites)

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Also Freshly Dirty Rooster and Canary. Only selling together for $120

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Can I ask why u are selling that koi without playing with it? I only ask cuz I just got the same exact one and it’s gorgeous in person and it’s been a fav since I got it so someone needs to jump on that! Lol

I’m not big into organics. Got it strictly because of the ano. Plus I have another Koi that I play when I want a chill, laidback session, which isn’t very often lol. Im much more into high performance/competition type throws. @Yoyomikie

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