Yomagic's Collection is up For Sale thread

so yea i decided that i wanna sell some yoyos. many are used as i am a player not a collector and a few are mint. they all play well or i wouldnt have them. NO trades unless you have a 54 or nickel skywalker. Now that thats solved I take paypal only as of right now as a form of payment. I only Ship in the continental US, I love my yoyoers all over but im broke and dont like the hassle of overseas and customs. Of course since this is my whole collection some are gonna be hard to get off of me. ADD OBO TO THE END OF EVERY PRICE.

im gonna list the yoyos and in a format describe them

example of the format


RSL- 6/10, Its somewhat of a beat but if satined and polished up it would look much better. it plays pretty smooth and quiet, not too mention these are fairly hard to find. $65
b]Superstar[/b]-7/10, It has a few dings but the ano covers most.stacks dont work but it plays very nice $50
Skywalker- 8.5-9/10 No real dings but some scuffs before ano. i custom anodized it. It is a bgrade but plays alot better and smoother then my A grade i had. Its one of my favorite players. def a solid player $65
Superwalker- 9.8/10 Has a couple shallow pricks but no dings or scratches. I custom anodized it as well. It was a custom mod i had done the is part skywalker and part superstar. its a one of kind. it plays exelently. OFFER
Skywalker-9.5/10 Has a few light ano scuffs. Its a cgrade and has a vibe. But for some reason the vibe is to the yoyo but it plays as well as most of my other yoyos. Great for a first metal for 5a.$30
Peak- This is my most valuable yoyo and my prettiest and one of the best playing peaks i have ever played. it completely mint 10/10 and plays magnificent. It is a 2nd gen 28 stories edition. It is equipped with a KK and plays super smooth. $125
MVP- This is another favorite of mine and plays awesome. it is a 8/10 in condition. It has a ding on the body and a few light ano scuffs. This thing is a complete beast of a yoyo and has very good spin times. $80
Skywalker- This is in great condition 9/10. Only has a few scuffs that can be polished off. I stripped this and it is a bgrade as well but plays just as good as an Agrade. I consider this my main player and wouldnt mind not getting rid of it. $60
NVX- This a mint with package nvx 10/10. The only thing is i scratched the response to help the silicone stick better. It play super duper smooth and is definately one of the best throws i have ever thrown. $85
Campfire- Has a good amount of dings and scuffs, 6/10. it is hands down the best small yoyo out there and play super smooth and normal sized feeling. anoter throw i throw alot$40
SFX- Basically mint besides its missing caps 9.9/10. it plays super nice and has just a hint of vibe but is one of the best plastics out there. $40
Phenomizm- Basically mint as well besides missing capes 9.9/10. This is by far the best plastic i have ever played. It comes with the kk and i have siliconed it. It plas super smooth and plays awesome. $60