New Star Wars trailer

Force Awakens #1 trailer

(NEW) Force Awakens #2 trailer

Also i think that the first big star wars battlefront trailer is being released this week…

The trailer was AWesome!!! Cant WAIT!

Here’s a Yahoo article on it.

Sorry for triple posting although it is kinda fun. I just keep finding new stuff and don’t want to edit it into a single post.

Anyways lets get some disscusion going. I thought it was super cool that there was a whole star destroyer and X wing there in the dessert. And did any of you notice that the lightsaber being handed to the girl looks a lot like looks original lightsaber that he lost in cloud city it hasn’t been confirmed but…coincidence?

Also the storm troopers with the Sith markings I think this movie is not so much a war with the empire but a full on war with the Sith. What are your thoghts?

Also I really like the look of the X wings and Tie fighters and stuff now in full HD they look awesome.