New releases from Japan Tech - The TRUENO and KAGEROU!


Bryan Figueroa is a legend in the yoyo community with 6 US National Championships under his belt and has most recently been awarded Trick Innovator of the Year. This is his latest signature offstring yoyo - The TRUENO!

By combining Bryan’s offstring expertise with Japan Tech’s experience and knowledge they developed and built this beautiful new 4A throw. The Trueno is a model designed to initiate many people to the world of offstring play. It has an extra wide profile for easy catches, a double ring cup design for improved spin time and stability, and an amazing price!

Japan Tech and Bryan think the Trueno will help you hone and sharpen your 4A skills and we completely agree!

Releasing Wednesday 1/5 @ 8PM EST.


Announcing the debut of our latest bi-metal design - The KAGEROU!

We’ve combined our ideal specs for a high performance model by pairing a thick and heavy steel ring with a quick and light feeling design. The shape is based on the Mirage and raises the bar from there with a bimetal powerup for plenty of spin power and stability in play without sacrificing speed or agility.

The Kagerou is unlike anything we have put out in the past; It combines the performance we’ve proven in previous models with a new and different feel we think everyone will love!

Online now!


Absolutely phenomenal yoyo - my absolute favorite. I was going to say, “Don’t sleep on this!”, but I see the mint green sold out already!


Still waiting on my kagerou! Apparently FedEx 2 day shipping is really 10+ day shipping.


FedEx has been horrible lately! Tons of people with packages sitting in facilities :confused:

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COVID is hitting industries really hard right now. Just give it a little more patience than normal :blush:

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It looks like this FINALLY arrived to you?! Hope you are enjoying it! Sorry FedEx didn’t do a great job on their part of the job! :roll_eyes:


I waited an extra two days for an order of wine. Most distressing… :grin:

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Yoyoexpert is fantastic and I love ordering stuff locally. The kagerou wasn’t my personal taste but it was fun to try. My one wish is to hear some personal opinions from you and @YoYoExpertGarrett before ordering a yoyo. I’m usually going in blind but it would be nice to have some personal opinions.


Feel free to ask on new releases, happy to share my thoughts. I throw just about every yoyo we get in.


Will there be a re-stock soon? I have seen some pretty nice colors selling-out on Japanese sites recently (Red, with rainbow-rims). I am hoping JT will start to make these more available - and in more colors here on YYE

Any news you can share?

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We’re getting in a small restock of the red/rainbow. It’s hard for us to get much quantity from Japan recently, but we will have them!


what do you think of the kagerou?

22 Days later…
Any news on the Kagerou restock? I am starting to lose my enthusiasm.

how would you describe the play of kagerou? is it really competition oriented?

I find it interesting that even though there has already been a release here on YYE, no one is raving about the Kagerou. The only opinion I have seen has been negative. Silence can speak loudly.

Sadly, this lack pf product is making me care less every day.

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When hasn’t Japan Tech stuff felt lowkey in the Western scene though? Every single Kagerou drop in Japan is hyped up and sells out very quickly. If I go on Twitter all I see is people talking about loving it, along with their other recent releases. The YYE forums are just a small niche in the online yoyo world, and being restricted to only English communication means it’s an even smaller niche within a niche. I think there’s also the disconnect that the people buying high end competion oriented yoyos with intent to compete also aren’t exactly the forum regulars here.


I think there are a ton of people who are fans of Japanese bi-metals, I’m in a bunch of groups and TP/JT/YYR are the trifecta for what people are buying weekly. Is it really that healthy for the market when we hype up a throw, and there’s no supply? I’m sure YYE is more than happy to stock more, but that’s up to JT to have product. I don’t see them sending dozens to the US if they’re already selling out in Japan. There are other means as well.

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It’s funny you mention no one talking about them here. I remember when they sold out looking at the orders and seeing more than half of the Kagerou we sold went right back to customers in Japan.

Just speaks to their popularity there, and unfortunately means they won’t get as much hype here in the states.

I do know we received them recently, I’ll check on release plan and update here when we have a time.


Like anglams sadly aha

Well, I am certainly not a competitor, so I can’t tell you the Kagerou is a competition yoyo.

But I will tell you this, I have enough yoyos to equip an entire village. And the next village over.

If for whatever reason, I had to scale my 1500+ yoyos down to about 24, the Kagerou would be one of them. It is Outstanding!

This comparison may not be the best, because to make anything out of it, you obviously would have to at least tried the other yoyo I will compare it to.

The Chopsticks Gorilla. I Love the Chopsticks Gorilla. Even considering my average yoyo skills level, I would not hesitate to give my opinion that the Gorilla is easily a Comp. level yoyo.

The Kagerou(to me) plays like a larger Chopsticks Gorilla, but even better. It feels great in the hand. It rolls off the hand flawlessly. It is silent and smooth as butter sliding off a hot knife. It spins like its battery operated. It is fast. It is stable. It does not feel clunky or heavy on the string.

On JP’s Product description, they say its like nothing else they have made(not a quote).
Obviously, they know what they are talking about. And saying that, stands out about their awareness of the Kagerou’s Beast level potential.

There are so many excellent playing yoyos at every price point nowadays, that if you don’t ever get a Kagerou, trust me, you’ll live.

But if that price range is within your means, I would consider it a Must have.

They should have called it the Chukka Stix Gorilla, lol.