New Release! The YoyoBrothers 7even!


The latest release from YoyoBrothers is the signature yo-yo of Branden Pilardi – The 7even!

Branden Pilardi, @skillz2beat777 on instagram, has a creative style and an enthusiasm for yo-yos that’s hard to match! Branden is a USMC Combat Vet – While in Afghanistan and throughout his time in the Marines Branden carried a 7 of hearts playing card in his helmet for good luck. 7 has become his lucky number and he decided to continue that tradition and carry some luck into his yo-yo career with his new signature yo-yo!

The 7even was designed to maximize speed and stability without a heavy feeling on the string. It has a soft curved profile that stays comfortable in the hand, maneuvers easily on the string, and offers a wide catch zone for risky tricks. The overhanging rims amplify rim weight for a powerful spin and make thumb grinds and talon grinds a breeze. Finished with a fingerspin cup and a grind friendly blast, the 7even has something for every style!