New Release! The SoSerious CHRONOS!


Alfredo Mascali, organizer of the Spanish Yo-Yo Association, has always been a huge fan of X-Cube – The X3 Zeus in particular. Out of the hundreds (literally, multiple 100s) of yo-yos he has owned over the years the Zeus was his go to. It just fit him best, but he knew the newer designs had superior performance. He had always wondered what his favorite yo-yo would play like as a modern bi-metal and decided to take action! He joined forces with his friend David Feher, contacted X-Cube owner Xela for permission to revive the legendary Zeus, and he immediately jumped onboard to help with the design! This is the all new SoSerious Chronos!

With so many new releases lately the yo-yo world seems flooded with choices, but the unique design of the SoSerious Chronos really stands out!

The extreme undercut profile creates the feeling of a strong h-shape design while keeping the overall weight low. It plays light, fast, and the stainless steel rings add some serious spin power and stability! The bi-metal weight distribution paired with the undercut profile creates a play style unlike anything we have ever thrown!

Available in three color ways. Each chosen by one of the 3 people who had a hand in creating this amazing new yo-yo!


Just sayin’

(major_seventh) #3

But the Cliff came even before your yoyo @Zorro.

Yoyo designs will always look similar from time to time.


I was thinkin that too but I didn’t say anything :smiley:


This is a bi-metal remake of the X-Cube ZeuS. Do you remember 2012?


Any reviews on this yet? It has me curious.


Yes, true, but I remember take a ton of negative feedback solely for that reason.

By the way, I’m not trying to say anything negative about this new yoyo. It looks great! I was just pointing out the similarity in shape and color to my all-time favorite throw.