New Release! The Deadly Spins GREED!

We couldn’t think of a better name for the latest release from Deadly Spins, because once you throw this thing you’re going to want to keep it all to yourself! The Greed!

This is the 3rd release form Deadly Spins and we think it’s the best one yet! They went through several prototypes and obsessed over every little detail of the greed to get it just right and you can really feel that attention to detail in play.

The Greed was designed with a focus on maneuverability and speed and the more you throw it, the more you notice just how right they got it. It feels so easy to manipulate through the most intricate and complex tricks that you’d swear it’s reading your mind! It handles direction changes effortlessly, feels fast and light on the string, and maintains stability and spin power through long combos.

With performance this good it’s okay to be a little greedy sometimes!

Releasing Saturday Dec 3rd @ 8PM EST!

I remember hearing about this yoyo way back! It’s good to see it finally in production. It looks great and I like the anno

Some are Gruntbull, right? Stunning!