New Release from Unspoken! The Artemis!



After nearly a year of testing and prototyping, Unspoken is proud to present to you their first bi-metal – the Artemis!

unspoken-artemis-yoyo-7 unspoken-artemis-yoyo-8

The Artemis is designed as a more competition oriented version of the Apollo. In Greek Mythology Artemis and Apollo are twins, but it’s the little things that set them apart. With the new Artemis, Unspoken pushed the profile out wider and made it a bit more angular to increase speed and stability, then added inner steel rings to provide that extra power. It plays fast and holds stability easily through off plane tricks, all while maintaining the same level of maneuverability the Apollo was known for!

With a sleek look and impressive performance, the Unspoken Artemis is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a new bi-metal!


(ClockMonsterLA) #2

$65??? Really? That’s amazing!

(Justin ) #3

I think that’s the price of the b-grades.


Yeah, sorry for the confusion, the site displays prices as “from lowest price”. There are some B-grades for $65, but A-grades will be $115.

(ClockMonsterLA) #5

Is the only finish available the shiny red one shown in the photo? I love red, but from watching @Tvelto’s review of it on YouTube, it would appear that it isn’t bead blasted which makes it less than fun for grinds.


Just the red/black color. They aren’t blasted, so not great for grinds, but it’s a fantastic yo-yo either way. This is coming from someone who doesn’t really care about grinds though.

(ClockMonsterLA) #7

Yeah, it looks very appealing, almost like a bimetal Kuntosh. It’s just that I’m a big fan of bead blasted finishes and not a huge fan of black rings. But it is still tempting…