New release from Spin Time - The El Presidente!

The latest release from Spin Time YoYos is the signature model of Brian Melford - The El Presidente!

The El Presidente is a bi-metal design machined from 7068 aluminum and features an inner cup stainless steel ring placement for improved durability and ultimate performance. The smooth cup with a simple fingerspin dimple gives it a beautiful aesthetic and the curvy profile adds to the playability of the yoyo making it a` joy to throw for hours on end.

Taking inspiration from some of Melford’s favorite yoyos from the past like the SPYY Punchlinen and Melford special, the El Presidente fuses classic shapes with a modern weight distribution to create a truly special feel!

Releasing Tuesday 11/3 @ 8PM EST.


I have not played a Spintime that wasn’t a fantastic player. Both Brian and Will know how to make a good yoyo!


El presidente is easily one of my favorite throws. It is glass smooth, perfectly balanced , and great weight, and spins longer then you will know what to do with. Instantly moved into my to 10 rotation. I’ve had it for over a month now and i play DAILY, as often as i grab my Aotus. Love this throw!