New release from RSO - The DOOMBOT!

It’s been a long journey to complete the latest RSO model. Two years, seven prototypes, and four different machinists later and they have finally succeeded with a version that was worthy of a release! This is the DOOMBOT!

The DOOMBOT is a Titanium yoyo with Brass rings with a design inspired by high end Japanese models suited for fast speed combos and complex tech. It has a V-shaped catch zone that provides an aerodynamic advantage, helping the yo-yo cut through the air. The stepped profile also allows for a generous and more forgiving catch zone.

Most of us are familiar with the typical bimetal yoyo marketing spiel about their more peripheral weight distribution, higher moment of inertia, and longer spin times. All these hold true for the DOOMBOT, but there is much more. It has significant weight due to its wide dimension, coupled with the very high density of brass (even higher than that of stainless steel). And from a manufacturing standpoint, brass is a very difficult material to work with. Brass is a very soft metal (compared to stainless steel or titanium), increasing its risk of warping during the machining and press fitting process. Getting it just right is an accomplishment in itself!

Like all RSO releases attention to detail is second to none, giving the DOOMBOT a very special feel. It comes with a beautiful enamel pin, numbered certificate, and more all packed in a custom canister CNC machined out of red medical-grade Delrin. It also features custom samurai Gundam inspired artwork done by Firdaus (@freakyfir) from Studio Moonchild. A pioneer of the graffiti scene and one of the top graffiti artists in Singapore, he is a specialist in drawing robots.

Releasing 11/20 @ 8PM EST.


An absolute masterpiece which few yo-yos could hope to compare to. If you enjoy this particular shape and have the opportunity to purchase one, do so without hesitation. You’ll absolutely love this.


@YoYoExpertGarrett I think the price might be off. It’s showing $370 on the link but I think rso was listing them for $470

$370 is for the b-grade. The a-grades are the normal price.


Yeah, correct. We have a few Battle grades releasing as well.


Battle Grades, I love it!


Isaac brought up an interesting point!

For the DOOMBOTs I really wanted to ensure that the brass rings are untarnished out of the box.

The brass rings are polished just prior to packaging. The polished brass looks slightly less yellow and brighter, but will start to look more yellow and darker as it is exposed to air. I also threw in a silica gel pack in each canister to soak up the moisture.

A-grades are 469.99 while Battle-grades are 369.99. A-grades have slight but insignificant vibe on grinds at the catch zone, but are generally smooth at the rim and on the string. Battle-grades have additional vibe at the rim and on the string, and have more vibe at the catch zone, but are VERY playable.


FYI @YoYoExpertGarrett Doombot isn’t showing up on the “new releases” page but it is showing up on the link at the beginning of this topic.

How many of these were made?


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@YoYoExpertGarrett how many for the YYE drop?

Much respect . LOVE YOUR WORK BRO!

The doombot is delivered with a dry bag