New release from iYoYo - The NiGHT MOVES X!

After bringing back SPiNMASTER X and PYRO X, 3A Legend Jun Aramaki (Former YoYoJam team member) approached Dave Geigle to think about NiGHTMOVES X. An ambitious idea because they knew it would have to nail the “WOW” sensation that everyone got from throwing the original Nightmoves. They prototyped two versions and both Dave & Jun’s reaction found exactly what they were hoping for, that PERFECT NiGHTMOVES feeling!

Just like the original, the new NiGHTMOVES X is a powerhouse of a yo-yo built for impressive spin times and stability. At 71g with the caps installed it’s no lightweight, but the hybrid construction gives it a relatively forgiving feel in play despite the heavier overall weight.

And yes, we mentioned caps. Caps were a classic gem of YoYoJam throws and obviously they had to be included in the new NiGHTMOVES X design. However, iYoYo understands the modern generation and even many old school players prefer the feeling without caps. So, they gave NMX the same awesome fingerspin hub that everyone loves in iCEBERG and also a subtle version of the logo in case you want to remove them.

Caps are easily removable with a suction cup and it will bring the weight from 71.4g down to 67.1g. The NiGHTMOVES X has a familiar nimble YoYoJam sensation with the caps installed and iYoYo’s top-notch spin quality without.

Releasing Tuesday 10/6 @ 8PM EDT.


Is that a Cybertruck I see on there? :joy:


ha, I believe you’re right.

I did the math… the Night Moves came out in 2002 and pictured what I think was a “Deuce Coupe” from 1932. So, that’s a 70 year gap between release year and car featured. So, in 2020, they should have used a car from the 1950s. A Tesla truck is far too new and won’t be appropriate until the 2090 release of this yoyo. By then I expect yoyos will be stringless, wifi enabled, and holographic.


Cyber truck night moves. I love it!

Can we see it without the caps?


They explained it in an instagram post:

“It’s a great pleasure and honor that ten years later, Dale gave his official permission for me to remodel his legendary Signature YoYo - The NiGHTMOVES X. Being the car geek that he always was and always will be, you can guess which car Dale is currently on the waiting list for…and we thought we’d match that on NM X’s caps.”


Just to be clear, that was my very poor attempt at dry wit and pedantic humor – it was not intended as actual criticism.

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Well this is just great!!